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Get to Know: Mike Fredlund

July 9, 2018

Mike Fredlund - Commercial Banking Officer

Mike Fredlund - Commercial Banking Officer


Name: Mike Fredlund

Age: 39

Occupation: Works in commercial banking with Peoples Bank in Mount Vernon

Hometown: Bow

Residence: Burlington

Education: Graduated in 2002 from Western Washington University with a degree in economics. “I’ve always been interested in business, ever since I was a little kid.”

Family: One daughter, 14, and one son, 11. “They were actually born on the third and fourth of July.”

Hobbies: Plays recreational league soccer on a Mount Vernon-based team called the Flounders. “It’s a play on the Sounders. We like to say we don’t play very well. We flounder.”

Biggest pet peeve: People texting and driving.

Best part about living in Skagit County: “I love that small-town feel. Knowing everyone, having connections with everyone.”

One thing that brightens my day: Getting home from work and seeing my kids.”

When I was younger, I wanted to be: “I wanted to work for the Federal Reserve. I’ve always been interested in how money works, how the economy works.”

First job: Picking blueberries