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Peoples Bank - A Truly Local Bank

November 27, 2017

By Jennifer Dodge | WhatcomTalk

Ali Alsos - Downtown Bellingham Branch Manager

Ali Alsos- Downtown Bellingham Branch Manager

Being part of a locally-owned and operated bank means that the decisions that affect you are made right here in our community. Local consideration, friendly support and trusted guidance is exactly what you can expect when you bank with Peoples Bank.

Founded in Lynden in 1921, Peoples Bank has never gone through a merger or acquisition in its nearly 100-years in business. “We changed our name from Peoples State Bank in 1995, but we have always operated independently as Peoples Bank,” says Ali Alsos, Downtown Branch Manager. “This is something in which we take a lot of pride.”

Alsos, who has fourteen years of experience in the banking industry, says that having the ability to see decisions made locally was one of the biggest assets that appealed to her when she made the decision to join Peoples Bank two and a half years ago. It is the Bank’s connection with its customers that has given Peoples Bank the solid reputation it has today.

We recently asked Alsos about financial planning and what advice Peoples Bank can give with the holidays and new year rapidly approaching. “Financial planning can be very simple, and it can also be very customized,” Alsos begins. “It really comes down to an individual’s unique situation and goals.” Read more...