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Wire Transfer Services

Wire Transfer Services

Quickly and easily, you may originate one-time or recurring wire transfer via our secure wire service, adding another tool to your Treasury Management solution.

Wire Frequency

  • Wires can be scheduled for daily, monthly, quarterly or annual transfer for either a fixed time period or indefinitely
  • Wires may be sent on a particular day of the week or month.

Wire Amounts

  • The amount of the wire can be fixed, or based upon your collected balance.
  • Alternatively, funds may be wired out over an established threshold balance.
  • A minimum wire amount can be selected to avoid incurring wire fees for small wire amounts in an automated solution.

Businesses that can benefit from Wire Transfer Services

  • Local branch businesses of a national company that need to concentrate large dollar amounts at other financial institutions.
  • Businesses that send a recurring wire to a fixed location on a scheduled basis.
  • Peoples Bank clients that utilize lockbox services and need to transfer receivables.

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