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Remote Deposit Capture

Quickly Turn Check Deposits into Cash

With Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) from Peoples Bank, you now can deposit checks directly from your office with a desktop scanner and internet access. Enjoy faster availability to your funds with same-day credit, more information with complete deposit history available online, and time saved as daily trips to the bank are eliminated.

Remote Deposit Capture may be right for your business if you are looking for ways to:

  • Make deposits after normal banking hours.
  • Reduce transportation costs and trips to the bank.
  • Receive checks with large dollar amounts.


What are the benefits of Remote Deposit Capture?

  • Deposit checks electronically from any location and eliminate trips to the bank.
  • Faster availability of funds improves cash flow.
  • Complete deposit history and reporting available online.
  • Reduce the risk of returned items.
  • Reduce the chance of making mistakes or losing checks.


Remote Deposit Capture is convenient

Remote Deposit Capture gives you the ability to deposit a check into a bank account from a remote location without having to physically deliver the check to the bank. If you process a lot of checks, have multiple business locations, make deposits after normal banking hours, or receive checks with large dollar amounts, RDC offers a convenient solution for your business.

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