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Online Wire Transfer Services

Quickly and safely send domestic, USD international, and foreign currency wires from the convenience of your home or office. Ideal for any business customer who needs to quickly send money to an external banking account, who transfers large sums of money to external bank accounts, or who sends wires on a frequent or semi-frequent basis and does not want to come to the bank to initiate the transfer.

Online wires may be right for your business if you:

  • Send a recurring wire to a fixed location on a scheduled basis.
  • Don't want to travel to the bank to initiate a wire.
  • Need to transfer large sums of money to external bank accounts.

What are the benefits of online wires?

  • Wire money via any location without coming to the bank.
  • Quickly transfer and receive funds.
  • Wires can be scheduled for daily, monthly, quarterly or annual transfer.

Online wires are secure

Online wires are available through Peoples Bank Business Manager, allowing you to take advantage of advanced authentication and online banking security giving you peace of mind that your online banking activity is safe and secure.

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