Introducing Visa Chip Technology (EMV)

Give your customers an additional layer of security.

What is EMV?EMV - Smart Card Terminal - Peoples Bank

EMV, also known as “Chip Card” introduces dynamic data specific to the transaction that reduces risk of counterfeit fraud. Chip technology utilizes two forms of cryptography to ensure data is authentic and confidential.

How does EMV work?

An EMV (Chip) card, which contains the account data, is inserted into a terminal. The terminal accesses the chip data and creates a cryptogram (unique code) to send to the issuing bank. The card is removed from the terminal when the merchant receives authorization and the transaction is complete.

Is your business protected?

In October 2015 all card brands are shifting the liability of counterfeit transactions to merchants. This means businesses that process in-person card transactions on non-EMV terminals will bear the liability on certain counterfeit transactions.

Partner with Peoples Bank for EMV

Peoples Bank is ready for EMV. Our knowledgeable staff can prepare you for how EMV will affect your business. Contact us today!

Our most popular credit card terminals that process EMV/Smart Cards.

Processes Credit and Debit PIN Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Processes Gift Cards Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Processes EMV/Smart Cards Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Processes Contactless (Apple Pay)   Yes Yes Yes  
Processes Via IP Yes Yes Yes Yes  
PCI Complaint Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Offers Multi-Merchant Capabilities Yes   Yes    
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