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People Pay FAQ

How do I sign up for People Pay?

1.    Download the Peoples Bank app for Apple or Android
2.    Login or enroll in Peoples Online (customers must enroll in the People Pay service through Peoples Online before it can be accessed through Peoples mobile app)
3.    Enroll in the People Pay feature online
4.    Register your email address(es) and mobile phone number(s)

What can I use the People Pay service for?

You can use People Pay to send money to an individual or business with a U.S. bank account and email address or mobile phone number.  Some examples include paying a friend for your portion of lunch, reimbursing a relative for a joint gift, paying your babysitter or giving money to college students.  

How does it work?

People Pay works through the Peoples mobile app or Peoples Online by using your online banking credentials to send money to a recipient in three different ways.  Rest assured, People Pay is secure with the same advanced security features you enjoy with our online banking.    

People Pay allows you to send money in one of the following ways:
1.    Direct deposit:  If you know the recipient’s bank routing number and account number, you can use direct deposit. This is the fastest and easiest way for someone to receive money from you. The funds are deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account from your Peoples Bank account.
2.    Email:  You can send funds using the recipient's email address. The recipient receives an email with instructions to claim the payment and they direct the funds into the bank account of their choice.
3.    Mobile number:  You can send funds with a recipient’s mobile phone number. The recipient receives a text message with instructions to claim the payment and they direct the funds into the bank account of their choice.

What is a direct deposit?

Direct deposit is an automated clearing house (ACH) payment method where funds are credited to the bank account of your choice. The bank account may belong to an individual or business, or it may even belong to you. It can be at Peoples Bank or any U.S. financial institution or credit union. If you have the bank routing number and recipients account number, you can send money as a direct deposit.  Direct deposits typically take one to two business days to appear in the recipient’s account.  

How does sending money using an email address or a mobile phone number work?

You can send money from your bank account to almost anyone with a mobile phone number or an email address. The person you are sending money to is notified by email or text message that you sent them money using People Pay.  In the body of the email or text message are instructions to claim the money using the People Pay claim site.


Where do I go to send People Pay money?

To use your mobile device or tablet, first download the Peoples Bank mobile app.  You can also send money using Peoples Online.  You must enroll in People Pay through Peoples Online prior to sending money online or using the mobile app.  

To enroll in People Pay, login into Peoples Online or Peoples mobile app and select “Pay People” on the menu. Once enrolled, add contacts to send money or simply use the recipient’s email address or mobile number.  


What information is needed to send money using People Pay?

To send money using an email address or text message, you need the name and email address or mobile phone number of the recipient.

To send money using direct deposit, you need the recipient’s name, bank account number and bank routing number or ABA number.  Routing numbers for banks and credit unions are available on their website or are printed on personal checks.   


How long does it take for the recipient to receive money?

Direct deposit payments are received in one to two business days.  Payments made after 6:00 pm are processed the next business day.  For example, if you use People Pay to pay your babysitter Friday night at 9:00 pm, the payment is processed on Monday.

Payments sent using an email or mobile phone number are withdrawn from your account when the receipt claims the payment. Once the payment is claimed, the money is deposited in the recipient’s account in one to two business days.  Unclaimed payments expire after ten calendars days. 


When are funds deducted from my account?

The timing of your account debit depends on how the payment is sent to the recipient.

Direct deposits are debited immediately after you send the payment.

Email or mobile payments are debited from your account when the recipient claims the payment.  If the recipient does not claim the payment after ten calendar days, the funds are not deducted from your account.   

Does People Pay have transaction limits?

There is no limit on the volume of People Pay transactions. There is a per transaction limit of $2,000.00 and a per business day limit of $4,000.00.   For example, you can send 20 $200.00 transfers or one $4000.00 transfer each business day.  

How do I cancel a People Pay payment?

Unclaimed payments sent by email or mobile number can be canceled through People Pay.  If the money is claimed by the recipient, then you are unable to cancel.  Unclaimed payments automatically expire after ten calendar days.

Money sent using direct deposit cannot be canceled.  When sending a direct deposit using People Pay, you are asked to confirm the transfer to ensure you would like to continue with the payment.  Once you confirm the payment, cancelation is not possible.  

Is there a way to keep track of the People Pay payments I’ve made?

Yes, you can conveniently keep track of your People Pay payments on the “Pay People” section on the Peoples Bank mobile app or Peoples Online.

Is there a fee to use People Pay?

No, there is no charge to use People Pay.

Can I send payment to a business recipient?

Yes, you can send money to anyone who has an email address or a mobile phone number.  You can also use People Pay to pay a business using direct deposit with the business' bank routing number and account number.   

Can I send money internationally?

No, People Pay is only available through U.S. based financial institutions and credit unions.  

How will the recipient know I am sending money to them using People Pay?

A notification is sent to the recipient using the email address or mobile number you entered in People Pay.  In the body of the email or text message, there are instructions to claim the funds.  You receive a confirmation that the payment is delivered by email or text message.  You can direct how to receive the confirmation in the People Pay section of Peoples Online or on the Peoples Bank mobile app.  

How do I add a new recipient or contact?

Add new contacts using Peoples Online or the Peoples Bank mobile app. To send money to a new contact, provide the contact’s information, such as bank account information, email address or mobile phone number.

How does the recipient claim money?

If the recipient is a Peoples Bank customer and has not used People Pay, he or she can enroll in the People Pay service through his or her online account or mobile app.  They can also claim the money, as any recipient, through the People Pay claim site and direct the funds to their Peoples Bank account.  

Recipients who are not Peoples Bank customers or have not enrolled in the People Pay service can access their payment through the email or text message notification directing them to the People Pay claim site.  Once a recipient claims the payment, the money is deposited into the account of their choice.

What is auto deposit?

Auto deposit is a People Pay feature that makes it faster and easier for recipients to receive money.

A recipient sets up a preference to have all payments deposited into a single account.  Once established, the recipient receives notification of incoming payments through email or text message and the payment is automatically deposited into the selected bank account. Auto deposit account preferences can be modified at any time.