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Debit/Credit Card Security

Peoples Bank Fraud Service Center Alerts. Debit and credit card transactions are monitored to identify suspicious activity or stop fraudulent transactions. If suspicious or fraudulent activity is identified, you will receive an automated phone call from the Fraud Service Center asking about “possible unauthorized transactions.”  If you are not available a message, including a case number and phone number to reply to will be left for you.  You will be asked to validate transactions as authorized or fraudulent using your phone key pad. 

It is important to respond to Fraud Service Center alerts as quickly as possible.  Failure to verify suspicious transactions may result in your card activity being restricted. To ensure you receive fraud alerts on your cards, always keep your cell and home phone numbers up to date at the Bank.

Travel tips for using your debit or credit card. A travel notification can be established to help prevent interruption in debit or credit card access while traveling. Prior to leaving on your trip, contact Peoples Bank at 1-800-584-8859 to set a travel notice on your card.   A travel notice does not eliminate your card from fraud monitoring, but rather provides additional information for consideration in analyzing your transactions.  Be sure your contact information with the Bank is up to date before traveling.

Lost, stolen or compromised cards. If you believe your ATM card, debit card, credit card or Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been lost, stolen or compromised, contact us immediately at 1-800-584-8859 (24 hours a day). If you contact us after hours you will be directed to select an option to report a lost or stolen card.  Follow the prompts to speak to a live agent.

Monitor and verify card activity regularly. Review your account statements monthly and look for unauthorized transactions, even small ones.  Small transactions are often used to test a counterfeit card. Report discrepancies immediately.  

Report unauthorized electronic transactions. If you find a transaction you did not authorize, contact us at 1-800-584-8859, Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.  If you provide verbal notice, you may be required to provide a signature and/or further information to assist us in our inquiry within ten (10) business days to continue the investigation. If you do not notify us within sixty (60) days after the statement was transmitted to you, you may not receive credit for the disputed transaction(s).