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Financial Security and Travel

Fraud protection and debit card fraud monitoring: To help secure your card from fraudulent and unauthorized activity, access to your Visa debit card or credit cards can be restricted from use in certain high-risk locations or merchants. To further protect you, you may receive phone calls, texts, and/or emails asking you to confirm if suspicious purchases are valid or not. We will ONLY ask you to verify if you did make the purchase(s) or not; we will not ask for account or personal information over text and/or email. Keeping you protected and reducing fraud is important to us. 

Using credit cards while traveling is easier and safer than ever. You no longer have to rely on traveler’s checks or carry large amounts of cash to exchange. If you want to keep track of your purchases, all you need to do is log in to your account from the nearest computer anywhere in the world.

While the use of credit and debit cards makes traveling easier, it also means being more prepared before heading out on your next big vacation. Consider these best practices when using electronic payments abroad.

Before traveling with your card

  • Notify the Bank prior to departure. If your travels take you out of state and you wish to have access to your Peoples Bank account during that time, please contact customer service at least 48-hours prior to departure to have the restriction lifted.
  • Check your card to make sure it won't expire during your trip. We also recommend confirming your account balances and credit limits.
  • Test your card to ensure it is still active if you use it infrequently before leaving the country, and make sure to remember your PIN for your Debit/ATM card.
  • Write down the Peoples Bank customer support line: 1-800-584-8859.

Traveling with your card

  • Never leave cards unattended.
  • Know what fees may be assessed. Foreign ATMs provide you with local currency using current exchange rates, so only withdraw what you need. It may also assess a fee for each withdrawal, so try to avoid overuse and find a machine with the lowest finance charges possible. Credit card companies may charge a fee for foreign transactions, which can add up quickly. Do your research before your trip to ensure you're able to access funds with minimal fees.
  • Save all of your receipts. Once you're back home, check them against your monthly statements.
  • Protect yourself and have a back-up plan. Let's face it, sometimes payment cards are lost or stolen, so make sure you have a plan if this happens to you. For example, keep an extra card or cash in your hotel safe, or other secured location and always report lost and/or stolen cards to your bank as soon as possible. Finally, always cover and protect the keypad when entering your PIN.