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Business ACH Direct Payment and Deposits

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Payments and Direct Deposits

Are you looking for easy ways to:

  • Save company time and money
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of receivables
  • Make your employees happy


Then it's time to consider Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Payment and Direct Deposit services with Peoples Bank.

ACH Direct Payment
Allows electronic transfer of payments from your customer's or donor's checking and savings accounts directly to your company's account – thereby simplifying the payment process for both you and your customers. Direct Payment is ideal for companies collecting recurring payments or charitable donations of all sizes.
ACH Direct Deposit
Allows electronic payment from your company directly to the checking or savings account of your employees, retirees, taxpayers, or shareholders. Businesses can use Direct Deposit for payroll, pensions, expense reimbursements, dividend payments and more.

ACH Direct Payment

Direct Payment is simple.

It eliminates many of the labor-intensive manual processes involved in handling check payments, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your operations.


Direct Payment is safe.

  • Reduce returned payments and posting errors, due to the speed of processing payments and the increased accuracy of customer information.
  • Payment collection is timely and automated. Your company always knows when it will be receiving payments.


Direct Payment is smart.

  • Save in processing cost expenses - the average savings is 11.5 cents per payment compared to checks.
  • Improve your company image by showing your customers that you are customer-focused and cost-conscious.
  • Enhance your customer experience and increase loyalty, providing a payment option that is reliable, accurate, convenient and confidential.
  • The timing of your receipts will be more predictable and reliable, allowing for more accurate cash flow forecasting and informed investment decisions.

ACH Direct Deposit

No matter the size of your company, Direct Deposit offers tangible benefits -- from cost savings to increased operational efficiencies at all levels.


Direct Deposit is simple.

  • Simplify your account reconciliation process. Your company or organization's account statement will have a single dollar amount for the total amount of the Direct Deposit transactions versus individual check amounts to reconcile.
  • Eliminate manual check preparation, which can reduce administrative costs.
  • Have fewer checks to print and store.


Direct Deposit is safe.

  • Direct Deposit payments never get lost or stolen.
  • Fraud is reduced because there is less potential for counterfeit checks, stolen checks or signature plates, altered amounts and forged signatures.
  • No signatures are required with Direct Deposit, so there's no need for facsimile signature security.


Direct Deposit is smart.

  • Typically, it costs more to process a paper check through your company's or organization's account system than a Direct Deposit transaction.
  • Potential for errors is reduced since Direct Deposit requires less manual handling than a check.
  • Problems with Direct Deposit are rare. The chance of having a problem with a check is much greater than with Direct Deposit.

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