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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Send Money Electronically

Automatically send payments to external bank accounts with ACH Payments. Ideal for business owners that need to pay employees, vendors, or shareholders. Quickly send money electronically for payroll, pensions, expense reimbursements, dividend payments, and more.

ACH Payments may be right for your business if you are looking for ways to:

  • Save company time and money.
  • Get quicker access to payments.
  • Make your employees happy.


What are the benefits of ACH Payments?

  • Simplify your account reconciliation process. Your company or organization's account statement will have a single dollar amount for the total amount of ACH Payments versus individual check amounts to reconcile.
  • Have fewer checks to print and store.
  • ACH Payments never get lost or stolen.
  • Fraud is reduced because there is less potential for counterfeit checks, stolen checks or signature plates, altered amounts and forged signatures.
  • No signatures are required with ACH Payments, so there's no need for facsimile signature security.


ACH Payments are safe and convenient

Problems with ACH Payments are rare. The potential for errors is reduced since ACH Payments requires less manual handling than a check. Typically, it costs more to process a paper check through your company or organization's account system than an ACH transaction. Eliminate manual check preparation and reduce administrative costs with ACH Payments.


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