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Drew Smith - Commercial Banking Officer

Drew Smith
SVP, Commercial Banking Officer

Barkley Financial Center
3100 Woburn Street
Bellingham, WA 98226

Industries Served
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Marine
Lender Bio
Drew has nearly ten years of experience as a commercial credit analyst and commercial lender. He is currently a Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Officer for the Bellingham Commercial Banking Group located at the Barkley Financial Center. Drew holds a bachelor's degree and master's in business administration (MBA) from Western Washington University. He's committed to the Peoples Bank tradition of providing a higher level of service to ensure customer needs are met, so they can focus on the parts of their business that they know best.

Drew is focused on making a positive impact in the community by helping businesses succeed with consistent and direct communication.  Many of his clients have become friends first, and customers second.  When he's not at the office, Drew enjoys biking, tennis, golf and most anything outside.


5 Star RatingPeoples Bank is rated 5-Stars by Bauer
Rating as of October 2023