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It's our business to outwit fraudsters. We maintain a sophisticated and multi-layered defense against fraudulent activity. Ask how we can help.


Security Tips

Keep your personal, private information secure from scammers, fraudsters, and identity thefts.

Protect Your Business from Payment Fraud

Fraud is on the rise as criminals leverage various methods to convince businesses that they are working with known partners or vendors. It is important to take time to educate staff on how to avoid falling victim to these scams.

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Protect Yourself Against Mail & Package Theft

If your mail is stolen, criminals can use it to gain access to your personal information and commit other crimes, including counterfeit checks, identify theft, and account fraud.


Imposter Scams

What are imposter scams and what can you do to avoid them? Check out the pdf below to get some helpful tips.



Online Dating Scams

Scammers often make fake dating profiles, sometimes using photos of other people, to build relationships before disappearing with your money. 


Grandkid Scams

Have you heard about grandkid scams? Scammers are good at pretending to be someone they are not. Even a loved one. Read more about these types of scams and how to avoid them by downloading the pdf below.

Tech Support Scams

Don't be so quick to trust pop-ups or other urgent messages from someone saying your computer is infected. It could be a scam.


Money Mule Scams

Never agree to move money for someone who contacts you even if they promise a relationship, job, or prize.


Work at Home Scams

Always be wary of ads saying you can earn big money at home and never pay money to earn money.

Additional Resources:

Learn more about other common scams and get security tips for you and your business. Available in both Spanish and English.

Resource Library

Fraud Prevention

5 strategies to avoid being the victim of fraud
From phishing scams to check fraud, here’s what to watch for – and how to keep your money safe

3 simple steps to protect your business from fraud
Business owners who haven’t experienced fraud may have a false sense of security and believe they’re protected, but as criminals get more sophisticated, businesses need to stay even more vigilant.

Fraud in the Coronavirus Era
The health and economic impacts of COVID-19 are unmistakable, and unfortunately, the rise in fraud related to the pandemic is also taking a toll on our community.

What to Do If You’re the Victim of Identity Theft or Financial Fraud
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a widespread health and economic crisis. Amidst the chaos, a global network of criminals is taking full advantage of personal data collected through various data breaches over the last few years, as well as from new security vulnerabilities.

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