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Our Commitment to Service

Service is what sets Peoples Bank apart from other financial institutions.

As an independent community bank that opened its doors for business in 1921, we have always committed our resources to supporting local customers, local businesses and the economic growth of the region.

We think that goal is best served by building relationships; long-term relationships with trust as the foundation.

It’s no secret that technology has advanced the banking industry. However, in some cases, those advances have replaced the human concern and support that can only come from another person. Someone who sincerely cares about your needs, and is empowered to deliver a higher level of service.

As we continue to add services, products and technology, we refuse to compromise our heritage. A tradition that is based on doing whatever it takes to find solutions for customers of the bank.

Some things should never change.

5 Star RatingPeoples Bank is rated 5-Stars by Bauer
Rating as of March 2023