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Positve Pay

Positive Pay

Check and ACH fraud is a challenge and a serious concern for any type of business. Peoples Bank Positive Pay helps you protect your business from check and electronic transaction fraud by putting you in control to block non-authorized transactions from posting to your account.

How does it work?

Check Positive Pay allows you to inform the Bank of what checks have been written and that data is compared to checks as they are presented against your account. If we receive a check that does not match what you’ve told us you’ve issued, we provide an exception report and give you the control to decide whether to pay or return the check.

ACH Positive Pay provides you with the opportunity to review ACH Debit transactions that are being presented for payment against your account. You review the transaction, decide if it should be paid or returned to the originating bank, and even create a new ACH Positive Pay rule to authorize future transactions.


Positive Pay may be right for your business if you:

  • Issue large dollar or a high volume of checks
  • Authorize vendors to make direct debits for invoice payment
  • Require additional risk management
  • Have experienced check fraud or unauthorized ACH debit transactions

What are the benefits of Positive Pay?

  • Automatically identifies and alerts you to possible fraud
  • Reduces risk and losses associated with check writing and unauthorized ACH debits
  • You control which transactions are paid when an exception item is detected
  • Peoples Bank staff are alerted to possible fraud when checks are cashed at any of our branches
  • Eliminates need to close your account in the event of a lost or stolen check or unauthorized ACH debits

Easy to use

Check and ACH Positive Pay are available through Peoples Business Manager online allowing you to take advantage of existing, advanced authentication and online banking security giving you peace of mind that online banking is safe and secure.


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