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Employer Health Savings Account Administration

A Health Savings Account (HSA) combines an affordable qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and a qualified Health Savings Account. This combination results in savings for employers and employees through lower health care premiums.

Partner with Peoples - Enjoy These HSA Benefits

Easy Enrollment Quick and easy setup that doesn't require the employee to visit the bank or have an existing relationship with Peoples to enroll.
Mobile App Manage your account whenever and wherever you are through the Benefit Manager mobile app.
Payment Options Employees pay for qualified expenses with their no-charge Benefits Visa debit card.
Reporting Employees access a monthly statement online free of charge. A monthly paper statement is available for $5.00 per month. Account information is also available online by logging into the Benefit Manager Portal and by phone at (844) 649-0803.
Contribution Management Employer and employee contributions can be made with your regularly scheduled payroll.
Competitive Rate of Return HSA accounts are FDIC insured deposit accounts that earn a competitive rate of return. The account also offers tiered interest rates for greater earnings for higher balances.
Low Monthly Service Charge There are no transaction fees or limitations - just a $3.00 per month per account service charge that may be assessed to the employer or employee.
Card Control Report your card lost or stolen anywhere through online or mobile access.
Investments Take advantage of the opportunity to earn tax-free returns on your dollars saved with additional investment options.

Employer Experience

  • Process enrollments and contributions efficiently with easy-to-use import and recurring contribution processes.
  • Receive insightful data regarding the use of HSA accounts by your employees through trends reporting.
  • Gain potential tax savings and control how much you contribute to your employees' HSAs.
  • Low monthly service charges.
  • Easily respond to employees’ questions and issues and manage demographic changes.
  • Enroll, update enrollment and change employees’ employment status easily in Benefit Manager.
  • Multiple options are available for funding accounts, including;
    • Scheduled contributions
    • File-based contribution submission
    • Recurring contribution processing
  • Receive monthly account summaries electronically.
  • Mobile capabilities for your employees.

Employee Experience

  • Gain tax advantages by contributing pre-tax dollars, investing the money so it can grow tax-free and withdrawing the money tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses.
  • Control how much you want to contribute to your account.
  • Roll-over your account balance from year-to-year.
  • Maintain full ownership of the money in your account.
  • Take your account with you if you change employment or retire.
  • Use your account to pay for anything upon reaching age 65 without penalty (subject to applicable income taxes).
  • Grow your account with an FDIC-insured deposit account (covered to the extent permitted by law) with tiered interest rates.
  • Transfer funds from investment accounts (non-FDIC insured).
  • Set up account-to-account transfers from any bank account.
  • Receive account balances and set alerts via text messages on any mobile device.
  • Track your expenses by uploading receipts online or through your mobile app using your camera.
  • Choose to invest in a variety of other investment options upon meeting certain minimum balance requirements. Click to view current HSA Investment Options.

Benefits Debit Card

Use the Peoples Bank Benefit Manager debit card for qualified medical expense purchases.

HSA Benefits Card

Benefit Manager App

Manage your HSA account on your iOS or Android devices. Download the App!
  • Check balances and transactions.
  • Submit receipts using your device's camera.
  • View distributions and contributions.
  • Receive account balances and set alerts via text message on any mobile device.
  • Access customer service contact information.
  • Report a lost or stolen card from the mobile app.
  • And more.

Peoples Benefit Manager App ScreenBenefit Manager App Screen 4

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HSA User Guides

Download our HSA User Guides. 

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