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Mobile Cash

Withdraw cash at the ATM quickly and more securely using just your smartphone.  Leave your debit card at home.

Use your smartphone instead of your debit card to get cash from any Peoples Bank ATM.  No plastic, swipes, inserting cards or PINs are required.  Mobile Cash is fast, simple and more secure.

Use the Peoples Bank mobile app to direct any Peoples Bank ATM to dispense cash. Mobile Cash technology provides an additional level of security against identity theft and saves on average 10 seconds of time for those who watch the clock.

How to use it:

  1. Log in to the Peoples Bank Mobile app and select Mobile Cash. Enter the withdrawal amount.
  2. At the ATM, touch the Mobile Cash option on the video screen and a QR code appears on the ATM screen. Hold your smartphone to the ATM screen to allow the smartphone's camera to scan the code. If there's a match between the app and QR code, the requested amount of cash is dispensed.
  3. A receipt is displayed on the smartphone after the transaction is completed.
Mobile Cash Steps

More Protection

  • Because Mobile Cash does not require a physical debit card, there is no risk of card theft or loss due to leaving the card in the machine accidentally.
  • The risk of theft of personal account access credentials is reduced because there is no PIN entry at the ATM.
  • Because less time is spent at the ATM, personal safety is increased.
  • Mobile Cash is protected by Peoples Bank current online banking credentials.


  • Any Peoples Bank customer with a checking account and active debit card is eligible to use the service.
  • Instant access to cash at all Peoples Bank ATMs.
  • Easily schedule a cash withdrawal transaction on a mobile device and access the cash up to 24 hours later at any Peoples Bank ATM.  
  • Instead of entering a PIN, Mobile Cash uses the camera on the mobile device to scan a QR code presented on the ATM.
  • No transaction information is stored on the mobile device or the ATM.

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